We have completed our retail refurbishment project at 28-28A Electric Avenue, located within the iconic shopping area in Brixton, London, referred to in Eddy Grant’s song ‘Electric Avenue’.

The road gave its name to Eddy Grant’s 1983 single, which reached #2 on both the U.K. and U.S. singles charts. The 1981 Brixton riot inspired the song.

Electric Avenue was built in the 1880s and was the first market street lit by electric lights. Today, the street continues to be a busy market area and contains several butchers and fishmongers, and hosts Brixton Market, which specializes in selling a mix of African, Caribbean, South American and Asian products.

28 – 28A Electric Avenue is a mixed-use property consisting of ground floor Shop Fronts and upper floors blocks of apartments known as Electric Mansions. The frontages of the building are embellished with several distinctive decorative features.

The project consisted of refurbishing, repairs and improvements to the Shop Fronts and ground floor Facade to a block of apartments at 28 – 28A Electric Avenue.

The works consisted of replacing existing shopfronts, internal repairs, and refurbishment to ground floor areas, external façade works and external decorations and repairs, including restoring the exterior distinctive decorative features.

The project was challenging due to the current Pandemic and the Salon at ground level trading throughout the works. The challenges faced were overcome through the proactive and professional approach of our site manager and contracts manager, and the project was completed within a seven week timeframe.

For more information: https://godfreymartin.co.uk/project/electric-avenue/